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Seeking Funding For A New Business

Seeking Funding For A New Business

The fail rate of new businesses is much higher than the success rate. Taking steps to bolster the chances of success is wise before a dime is invested. When proposing a new venture to investors, be sure to emphasize how the business fits a niche in the industry. Will the business produce a new gadget or tool people have been demanding? Will the approach revolutionize processes and practices?

A Detailed Plan

The business plan needs to be clear and concise to capture attention. General descriptions of procedures, a lack of solid information to demonstrate the need, and a budget with no line items will not result in obtaining needed capital. There is no such concept as too much information regarding a plan. Be prepared to back up any information with statistics and best practices to demonstrate an understanding of the proposed business.

Information Technology (IT)

This area often represents the most expensive component of starting a new business. Systems have to meet the needs, integrate for seamless results, and align with the unique elements of the business. Depending on the type of business, software available on store shelves may be adequate. Another possibility can include a mass-produced product with a few custom applications added to suit needs.

Making a Case for Customization

A business that is truly unique and innovative may require Custom Software Development to operate efficiently and productively. This is a time-consuming and expensive process that will require defending to investors. Provide the cost and benefit analysis completed by the consulting application development company. Include the complete line of reasoning that illustrates why off-the-shelf or modified software will limit the business.

Increased productivity, business revenue projections, and competitiveness are all benefits of custom software development. Most business investors will be aware of the general benefits, so the burden is to indicate how those benefits directly affect the business and to what degree. If the expenditure will provide significant benefits from the day the business opens, the risk is minimized.


Competition in the global market is incredibly fierce. Long-established and successful businesses are closing after decades of being open. Measuring a loyal customer base of an old business against the targeted audiences of a new one will take convincing. Address this situation when presenting the business plan to illustrate how the custom software will place the business in an excellent position to compete with global and established businesses. It will also demonstrate your understanding of the business milieu.



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